Criminal Interdiction- Instructed by Ed Van Buren

K-9 Deployments and Problem Solving - Instructed by staff

K-9 Supervision- Instructed by Mike Kerby or Steve Worley

K-9 Patrol Tactics- Instructed by Mike Kerby or Steve Worley

Rural Patrol Tactics- Instructed by Mike Varilek or Kent Gries

Terrorism Trends in the U.S.- Instructed by Mike Buglewicz

Courtroom Testimony (Federal and state)- Instructed by Robert Francis Cryne

Busting Drug Dealers 101- Instructed by Mark Langan

National Police K9 Certifications- Decoy and Patrol Certs (single and dual-purpose K9's)-Instructed by Pete Dragojevic


Mike Kerby- PSP Teaching Judge (K-9) and Captain of the Nebraska State Patrol Training Academy (ret)

Mike Buglewicz- Current U.S. Government Contractor specializing in the security of the U.S.

Robert Francis Cryne- (40) year prosecutor working for the United States Department of Justice and Attorneys Office, to include the middle east and Mexico.

Steve Worley- Current K-9 Supervisor and Trainer for the Omaha Police Department

Kent Gries- Current LEO in Iowa and Criminal Justice Instructor

Mike Varilek- Current LEO in South Dakota and veteran K-9 handler.

Pete Dragojevic-National Police K9 decoy and Field Training K9 Instructor

Mark Langan- Retired OPD Narcotics Sergeant with over (25) years experience in drug and gang Investigations

Ed Van Buren- Retired K-9 Sergeant and Trainer with hundreds of Criminal Interdiction convictions and Federal and State expert witness for Drug Detection Dogs and Criminal Interdiction